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WEBSITE ADDY: JOIN US!! You all know the story by now. Worked as Editor of WCW magazine for almost 4 years until late 1999. Moved on to ill fated RollerJam Mag, then started writing for various wrestling magazines such as WOW, Wrestling World, Power Slam (UK) and others. I now write a weekly wrestling column for a large regional newspaper and have a regular gig with Power Slam, which is one of the best non-mark mags I have read -- but you can't get it here in the US unless you subscribe! It is distributed across the United Kingdom and other countries. I also write for websites other than my own (now and then) and maintain my big ol' site. Spare time: Working on my MALL ON THE FRINGE, a complete Mall for my readers on my site. If you have questions or comments about these boards or my site, email me at

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Professional Writer

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You're looking at it! My website, watching pro wrestling for fun rather than as an occupation, music, reading (if I ever get past the print version of the Wrestling Observer), and varied other things that I will do when I "get time."

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